Fort William Kilmallie Church of Scotland

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Fort William: Kilmallie Church of Scotland

We will be reopening all our buildings for Sunday worship from Easter Sunday (4th April). 

Planned services are as follows

1st April Maundy Thursday communion 12.15p.m. (Duncansburgh)

4th April Easter Sunday

9.30a.m. Kilmonivaig (Richard Baxter)

9.30a.m. Duncansburgh (Morag Muirhead)

10.00a.m. Caol (Rory MacLeod and Bill Skene)

11.30a.m. Duncansburgh (Richard Baxter)

11.30a.m. Corpach (Rory MacLeod and Bill Skene)

 Thereafter our pattern of Sunday services will

10.00a.m. Caol (alternate weeks - 11/04/21, 25/04/21, 09/05/21, 23/05/21)

11.30a.m. Duncansburgh MacIntosh (every week)

11.30a.m. Corpach (alternate weeks - 18/04/21, 02/05/21, 16/05/21, 30/05/21)

There is also a weekly 9.30a.m. service in our linked congregation of Kilmonivaig.

Details of online, paper and email worship resources are below.

 There will be online video worship here each week, and there are worship resources available for you to use whenever you choose. The link to the current printed resources material is below. 

Worship resources for 24th January to 14th March are available here

please use these until you are able to return to in-person worship


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Worship for 18th April 2021

A video funeral for Jane Parkin will be available her for approximately one week from 1.00p.m. on 6th April 2021

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Please explore our website and feel free to join any of our events and activities

Details of our recent union with Kilmallie are on the Fort William Kilmallie page.

Who are we?

Fort William Kilmallie is a congregation of the Church of Scotland within the

Presbytery of Lochaber

The congregation was created in November 2020 by uniting Kilmallie with Fort William: Duncansburgh MacIntosh (itself the product of a union in 2007 of the two previous Fort William Church of Scotland Congregations—Duncansburgh and MacIntosh Memorial.) 

Click here for more information on the history of these congregations.


Where are we?
We are all over the area, because Fort William Kilmallie is its people! However our buildings are in three main places:

On The Parade (the grassy area at the end of Fort William High Street) is Fort William Kilmallie (Duncansburgh). Right beside the shopping centre in the middle of Caol is Fort William Kilmallie (Caol). Just above the main road through Corpach is Fort William Kilmallie (Corpach). To find us click here. Mail for the congregation can be sent to The Manse of Duncansburgh, The Parade, Fort William PH33 6BA.

Our Sunday Worship (after restrictions are lifted)

Timings for Sunday morning services are at the top of the page. Age appropriate activities for children and young people take place during the morning service and everyone is encouraged to stay behind after each service to chat over a cup of tea/coffee. This will resume after current restrictions are eased.

n the evening there is a service at 6.30pm in the MacIntosh hall at the rear of the Church (See Forthcoming services for the programme) We also have Messy Church on the fourth Sunday of the month at 3.00p.m. and recently started a series called Planny Praise in Plantation Hall on the third Sunday of each month at 6.30p.m. (We will give notice when we are able to restart Messy Church and Planny Praise)

Weddings and Funerals
We are happy to help members of the community in arranging wedding and funeral services. Our ministry team is happy to help and we can make arrangements for events in any of our buildings. There is information on the 
wedding and funeral pages of this website and you can contact the parish minister on 01397 702297 or .

Our Activities and Organisations
For our diary of events
click here. We are an active congregation with a range of organisations. For details of them click here.

Kilmonivaig Church in Spean Bridge

Our congregation shares a ministry team with our linked congregation of Kilmonivaig in Spean Bridge. Services are held each Sunday at 9.30a.m. there. 

Kilmonivaig website

Kilmonivaig facebook page


 Our Team


The Rev Richard Baxter is the Parish Minister.  







The Rev Morag Muirhead is our Ordained Local Minister.





Mabel Wallace, Session Clerk


The Session Clerk is Mrs Mabel Wallace. Contact her by clicking here. 




The Safeguarding Co-ordinator is Mrs Morag MacNeill. 

to contact her please click here safeguarding