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Local Information


Inter-Church Relations

Fort William:  there is an active Council of Churches which meets 4/6 times a year to hold ecumenical services. Other denominations include: Episcopal Church, Christian Fellowship, Baptist Union,
Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, Mustard Seed.

Spean Bridge:  there is a Roman Catholic Church in Spean Bridge and one in Roy Bridge.  Good ecumenical relations exist between the two denominations.  The Fort William based Faith Mission organise a Bible Club for all primary age children of all denominations in Spean Bridge community centre on Monday afternoons.

There are 4 Primary Schools within the Fort William Parish [one delivering Gaelic Medium].
There is a fairly new primary school and nursery in Spean Bridge.  In Roy Bridge there is a primary school and an independent Gaelic speaking nursery and crèche.  Both schools are non-denominational and both welcome the parish minister and parish priest to assemblies on a regular basis.
Secondary age children go to Lochaber High School in Fort William where a branch of Scripture Union meets on Wednesday lunchtimes.  For tertiary education West Highland College in Fort William runs courses in tourism and outdoor education but most young people have to leave home for tertiary education.

Commuting distances   

From Fort William by car it takes about 1½ hours to Inverness, 2½ hours to Perth, 2½ hours to Glasgow and 3hrs to Edinburgh.   There is a good bus service to Inverness, Glasgow and Skye.  The West Highland line has three trains per day to Glasgow and the 7.50pm sleeper to London.  There is also a frequent local bus service from Fort William to the surrounding districts.

Recreational Facilities             

For those who play golf, the Fort William Golf Course is located at Torlundy and there is another at Spean Bridge. Fort William is now “known as” the outdoor capital of the UK. Nevis range has skiing and snowboarding in winter and mountain biking in summer and plays host to several national and world competitions.  There are many miles of cycle tracks and forest roads for cycling or walking and plenty of opportunity for hill walking and rock climbing. There are also various clubs in the area who have Bowling and Cricket Teams. We have a Rugby, Football and Shinty Club and a Sailing Club. Tennis, badminton, and fishing are also popular.

There is also a huge variety of musical and amateur dramatic opportunities.


Tourism is one of the major employers in the area.  Other employment opportunities include Agriculture, Forestry, Fish farms, Construction, Transport, BSW Sawmill, Rio Tinto [Alcan], Scot Rail, Quarrying and a rapidly growing renewable energy industry.